Child advocacy, parent education, and fun are the goals of the FFMS PTA.  PTA members work together to see that these goals are achieved.  PTA meetings are an excellent forum in which to interact with the principal, teachers, and parents.  Relevant information on varying health, safety, and educational matters are discussed and also incorporated into our programs throughout the year.

Our fundraising efforts, help support the many extensive and educational Cultural Arts programs that your children participate in throughout the year. Your support with these programs and activities is greatly appreciated.

In the Spring, we acknowledge the accomplishments of our teachers and FFMS family at our annual PTA Founders Day celebration.

The hard work and dedication of many people is necessary for a successful PTA.  Get involved with the PTA and help enhance your child’s learning experience.  Bring your ideas and enthusiasm to make a difference.  Please verify dates with the district calendar or the calendar on this site. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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